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Turning a New Leaf: Revamp Your Workout for Fall

Turning a New Leaf: Revamp Your Workout for Fall

As the summer months fade away, your schedule is likely growing more hectic. Work is ramping up, and you’re helping the kids settle into the new school year. When you reorganize your planner, chances are, you’ll also have to rethink your weekly exercise regimen. This season of change is the perfect time to build a new workout routine. Think about the fitness goals you’re still working toward and make adjustments as needed. You should also create new goals and experiment with different forms of exercise. Not sure where to start? Check out our three best tips for freshening up your fall workout.

Start Off Strong

Start your week off strong with a morning workout. The idea of setting an even-earlier Monday alarm may fill your mind with dread, but you’ll pat yourself on the back later. Working out in the morning gets those endorphins flowing sooner. You’ll feel positive, energized, and ready to tackle the day. A successful Monday workout can also set the tone for how you exercise in the week ahead. You’ll be more motivated to stick to your workout regimen and conquer your fall fitness goals. Try waking up with one of MYXfitness Coach Erika’s pump-you-up classes. Your Mondays have never been so bright!

Take Advantage of Cooler Days

Autumn’s mild temperatures make exercising outdoors a breeze. In the summer months, your workout may require some strategy when it comes to beating the heat. Fall gives you more freedom to alternate outdoor and indoor exercises, so it’s easier to keep your cross-training fresh and dynamic. Experiment with new ideas for fitness and substitute different forms of outdoor cardio for your usual neighborhood jog. Wall tennis, hill sprints, jump rope, and stair running are all great alternatives.

Try For Ten

Some days your fall to-do list seems to grow by the minute. When you’re busier than usual, cramming in a workout can feel like a huge challenge, especially when unexpected events require your attention. If you’re having a crazy day, fill small gaps with short 10-minute workouts to stay on track with your fitness goals. Just 10 minutes of exercise gets your heart rate up, and it’s the perfect amount of time for a HIIT session. The MYX coaches have created tons of shorter workouts, from yoga to upper body and everything in-between. On-the-go? You can find some of these short routines on Instagram.

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