Hot or Not: The Viral Workouts That Captivated Us in 2021 and Which Ones to Take Into 2022

Hot or Not: The Viral Workouts That Captivated Us in 2021 and Which Ones to Take Into 2022

Fitness and wellness trends have continuously evolved over the past several years as people find new ways to stay in shape, whether at home, outdoors, or in a gym environment. With the rise of YouTube and TikTok influencers, many Americans searching for convenient exercise options are going online to work out. While instantaneous workout access can be beneficial, it can also come with hidden costs: a plethora of misinformation, oversimplification, and the challenge of knowing who is and isn’t a real expert on fitness-related topics.  

To kick off the New Year and our new fitness goals, MYX+Openfit is sharing the “Top Workout Trends of 2021'' while our certified trainers, Dyan and Lauren, vote for their favorite picks and suggest which workouts to keep up in 2022. Plus, they’ll give us the inside scoop on how to build these trends into your fitness routine in the year ahead using trusted workout modalities and expert recommendations so you can engage in more effective and sustainable fitness solutions in the New Year. 


The Top Workout Trends of 2021

  1. ABSolutely Not Workout AKA Bretman Rock Ab Workout 
  2. Daisy Keech Hourglass Workout
  3. 12-3-30 Workout AKA Tik Tok Treadmill Workout
  4. Hula Hoop Workout
  5. Grow with Jo Walking Workout
  6. Pamela Pumpkins Halloween Workout
  7. Stomach vacuum exercise
  8. Inchworm exercise

What’s Hot

what's hot -- exercise trends

Dyan’s favorite fitness trend is the Hula Hoop workout. “It's true you will feel like a kid again! Hula hooping is a great cardiovascular exercise that targets our core muscles (front, back, and sides), as well as the legs. It's great for balance and proprioception. It can be challenging for some to get started and learn how to keep the hoop up, but once you've got it, game on!” The viral workout features a “smart” weighted hula hoop, but you can achieve similar results with a regular one, as well. No need to splurge!

Lauren loves the Inchworm exercise. “I am a huge fan of the inchworm — or any variation of cross-crawl patterns — that trains the right and left side of the body to work in unison, as well as strengthen the connection between the right and left hemispheres of the brain (great for brain health!). It also helps build proprioception, which is essential for stability and tends to diminish with age. It’s a great option to warm up pre-workout or energize the brain during a long, stressful workday.”

Lauren suggests trying the Stomach Vacuum exercise as well. This teaches our deepest abdominal muscles to properly engage before training the superficial abdominals (like the “six-pack” muscles). Many people don’t know how to activate the transverse abdominal muscles which can lead to a distended or bloated look from too many crunches or sit-ups. 

What’s Not

not hot trends

Lauren and Dyan say to skip the Grow With Jo Walking workout. “Walking is one of the best activities for longevity and metabolic health, but what this workout is missing is movement through space,” says Lauren. “My suggestion is to take this one outside to really activate the lower body muscles and kick up the calorie burn. We all need a little more fresh air these days, and you might just inspire a neighbor to get moving too!”

Dyan also advises to steer clear of the Daisy Keech Hourglass workout because there's no guidance around what you should do for the moves, or what muscles you should be targeting.  Instead, you should opt for something with more direction so you can ensure you are maintaining proper form and exercising safely. 


How To Uplevel Your Fitness Routine and Make it Stick In 2022

Creating a lasting fitness routine is no easy feat. “Many times it's because we try trends that are unsustainable, potentially dangerous, or don’t yield results because they’re not backed by real science,” says Dyan. Her tip? Find something you love to do whether it’s walking, dancing, yoga, strength training, or cycling, and then find a professional to guide you through the process. "You want to challenge yourself so you grow, stay engaged, and committed. I've kept off nearly 100 pounds for more than 20 years and it's been because I've switched up my workouts over the time and stayed committed to getting stronger each year,” says Dyan. 

Lauren says the most powerful way to take your fitness goals to the next level in 2022 is to focus on proper muscle activation and on primal patterns like squats, lunges, and pushups. “I would love to see more trainers advocating for proper abdominal function and functional moves and primal patterns,” she says.

Before you start any exercise or program, you want to make sure the workout you choose is safe and expert-led. Dyan says, “If something doesn’t look right, trust yourself to know that it probably isn’t safe. In a lot of these trending videos, form is lacking, so be mindful that these are not fitness professionals.”

Lauren wants you to make sure the “expert” is addressing how and what you should be feeling, what muscles should be activated, and any common errors to avoid and/or adjust. Like Dyan and Lauren, all Openfit trainers have degrees and certifications in exercise science and understand proper form and injury prevention which are key when building a safe and effective fitness routine.


Working Out With Openfit

With Openfit, you get one-on-one personalized training from certified experts without the heavy price tag —  in whatever modality that keeps you going. Their wide range of workouts includes everything from cycling to yoga, HIIT to meditation, programs to get you started with ease, challenges to make you sweat, guided outdoor walk and run sessions, and new live floor workouts with real-time feedback (click here for our live class schedule). Furthermore, Openfit workouts are science-backed, heart rate-based, and rooted in positive psychology, so you can feel confident in both yourself and your workout in the New Year.

“That is why I love Openfit so much,” says Dyan. “We have so many different programs and trainers, all of whom are certified, super smart, encouraging — and entertaining.”

Click here to learn more about MYX+Openfit and our all-new MYX II and MYX II Plus home studios, and comment below to let us know which workout trend you’ll try in 2022!

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