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Everyone agrees that being healthy is important. Being active helps boost your physical fitness and improves your mood.  It simply makes you feel and look better. We believe training your mind is just as important as training your body because when you win in your mind, you win in your life.  With the many fitness companies, health blogs, and magazine covers featuring sculpted models and profiling a manufactured idea of perfection as the end goal, it can be difficult to find a resource that is truly healthy for the mind and body - something relatable, educational, inspirational, and scientific yet fun.

The Bright Side is your invitation to a happier, healthier you. Each week you will receive curated content focused on health, wellness, life hacks, inspirational stories, exclusive product offerings, coupons, quizzes, and more. At MYXfitness, fitness is more than a number on a scale or the amount of weight you can lift during a workout. Fitness is a feeling! It is confidence, happiness, energy, courage, endurance, flexibility and overall well being. It radiates from the inside out. Thank you for joining us as we redefine fitness.

- The Bright Side

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