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Wellness Travel: It's Time to Focus on You

Wellness Travel: It's Time to Focus on You

We’re calling it! The coolest, most exciting wellness vacations for 2020 are trips to magical Sedona, Arizona, and lush-and-lovely Costa Rica. Both have a common denominator that’s impossible to ignore: the ability to boost energy and lower stress.

Wellness Travel 101

Wellness travel means taking  a trip somewhere wonderful and taking  wonderful care of yourself while you’re there! When ordinary life offers all the stress you can handle, a good vacation is a healthy vacation, one that calms your nerves and nurtures your body. 

Serene in Sedona

Imagine red sandstone formations jutting into a blue Arizona sky surrounded by almost two million acres of a national forest ideal for hiking and biking. That can all be found in Sedona, but so can spiritual healing and active wellness spas that will melt your stress while soothing your body and soul with massages, yoga, relaxation training, and top-notch, healthy cuisine.

Sedona was named the Most Beautiful Place in America by USA Weekend. The amazing backdrop of soaring red sandstone takes your breath away, and the temperature is pleasant all year, making it delightful to stride along the cliff paths or through shady woodlands. 

Sedona’s focus on spiritual healing stems from the “vortexes,” said to contain maximum spiritual energy, located among the red cliffs. Check out the Mii Amo resort and spa in Boynton Canyon, part of Sedona’s renowned Red Rock Vortex. The energy, facilities, and service are exceptional, and Mii Amo was named one of the 10 best wellness spas in the nation by USA Today.

Costa Rica’s Hot Cool

Costa Rica natives swear by “Pura Vida,” or pure life, and once you set foot in the country, it’s easy to understand the concept. The country is regularly named among the best destinations for wellness travel. It’s packed with nature, from active volcanoes and lush rainforests to indigo lagoons and natural hot springs. 

Here’s a recipe for a blissful and rejuvenating day: take a long day hike to one of the jungle hot springs, like those in Tenorio Volcano National Park, to soak in the hot and healthful water. After a hike back to your Costa Rica wellness resort, recharge your battery with cool juice made from local fruits and a meal of deliciously healthy food. 

Spas abound in this small, very green nation (Costa Rica set 2021 as its deadline to be carbon-neutral). Serene spas take full advantage of volcanic mineral products as well as extracts from tropical plants. The same volcanic ash that fertilizes the area’s lush vegetation is a skin-care miracle, a rejuvenating exfoliant that diminishes signs of aging from face and body. Relax with a worry-melting massage, yoga in the jungle, “earthing” (barefoot walks on the beach), or an aromatherapy treatment. 

Whether you choose Sedona or Costa Rica, your stress levels and overall well-being will thank you. Do you know of another great place for a wellness vacation? Head to our Instagram or Facebook and let us know. 

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