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We're Weighing in on Weighted Blankets

We're Weighing in on Weighted Blankets

Have you been curious about weighted blankets? Some people swear by them, saying they’re life-changers for getting quality sleep and feeling better overall. Many also claim weighted blankets can help offset feelings of anxiety. Are they worth the hype? 

The Skinny on Weighted Blankets

Sometimes called a gravity blanket, it’s a blanket with added weight. The weight is typically made up of evenly distributed beads, pellets, or a polyester insert.

Weighted blankets usually range between 5-30 pounds. Opting for a blanket that’s roughly 10% of your body weight is recommended. Your personal preference might be a blanket that’s slightly heavier or lighter. Go with what feels best to you.  

So why are people so ga-ga for gravity blankets? When you wrap yourself up, the weight provides gentle pressure, which can feel like you’re being hugged, cuddled, or even swaddled like a baby (though weighted blankets should never be used for small children or babies). For many people, using a weighted blanket provides a calming sensation of protection and comfort.

Gravity Blankets and Mental Health

If you suffer from anxiety, you’re probably familiar with losing sleep. Lack of shut-eye causes increased levels of cortisol, a stress hormone. In turn, you can feel even more anxious, which doesn’t help when you’re trying to get to sleep. It’s a vicious cycle that can take a toll on both your mental and physical health.

But we’ve got good news. According to research published in the Journal of Sleep Medicine and Disorders, curling up with a gravity blanket at night might help you doze off faster and stay asleep longer.

Plus, when you get more and higher quality sleep, you may experience a better mood, enhanced focus throughout the day, and a more positive outlook. In another study in which 30 people tested weighted blankets for their safety and effectiveness, 60% of participants self-reported reduced levels of anxiety.

There is definite proof that using a weighted blank can help with both sleep struggles and anxiety. We recommend doing research on the many companies out there to determine which brand and weight will be best for you.

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