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What do May 4th and MYX have in common?

What do May 4th and MYX have in common?

“May the force be with you” is one of the most-quoted lines by Star WarsTM fans. That’s why May 4th (“May the fourth,” get it?!) is their favorite date. Fans of MYX use their own force to power through their workouts in the form of resistance. But you might not know why you need to harness that force in different ways during any given workout. So we turned to two MYX trainers, Davanna and Miriam, to help us understand the importance of on-bike resistance.

Why make it harder to ride?

As a trainer, Davanna sees two major benefits to bike workouts that focus on resistance. First, more resistance increases your heart rate. Second, adding resistance to any workout helps strengthen your muscles. By working against different levels of resistance, you’re working different muscle groups. Davanna says you’ll see the benefits in how your body works in daily life as everyday movements get easier. Need more convincing? Resistance training also increases your metabolism and helps build stronger bones.

Can I do it my way?

Miriam says bike resistance helps to create the experience of the ride. Whether it’s a recovery or HIIT ride, the shifts in resistance help you get a ride that’s more like what you’d be doing if you’re actually climbing or coasting down a hill. But, Miriam emphasizes, it’s totally okay to go at your own pace. You don’t have to do things exactly like the trainer does because this is your ride. Listen to your body and turn the resistance level up or down for the best workout for you. In fact, you should never push yourself beyond what feels right to you, no matter what’s happening on your touchscreen. You need to really listen to your body so you can avoid injury.

Need a low-key day? A scenic country ride with low resistance is the answer. Ready for endurance training with a harder cycling workout? Rhythm and endurance rides offer multiple levels of resistance, jumps, and out-of-the-saddle time. Want more of a challenge? Climbing workouts help you build strength as you power up those inclines.

What’s the payoff?

Whether it’s a 45-minute recovery ride with Davanna or a 45-minute Hip Hop Climb with Miriam (it’s a beast, in a good way), the force you work against helps build strength and endurance. Davanna says it’s essential to match our bike’s resistance to our speed, and that our body position, or proper form, matters. Lower resistance makes it easy to pedal fast and stay in the saddle. When you’re up out of the saddle, you should be using your body weight to help you climb at a slower speed with more resistance. But, if you can’t match the trainer, again do what’s comfortable for you.

When you embrace the force of resistance, you’ll improve your cardiovascular health, strengthen your muscles, and increase your endurance. Davanna and Miriam see force as a power for good. So get out there and channel your inner Jedi to use your bike’s force for a great workout.

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