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What’s Inside Counts: Building Self-Worth Beyond Workouts

What’s Inside Counts: Building Self-Worth Beyond Workouts

Evidence shows regular exercise benefits both our physical and mental health. There are good reasons to follow a workout schedule . But no one is perfect, and we all miss or skip a day or two. When you do, don’t get down on yourself because you’ve tied your self-worth to sticking to that strict schedule.

It’s important to keep active, but it’s equally essential to remember you are not the sum of your workouts. Building self-worth requires self-love and compassion. It also demands a different kind of strength and dedication that, like your commitment to workout routines, must be exercised often to be effective.

Though feeling fit can result in self-esteem, it’s crucial to think beyond how you look to define your self-worth.

Recognize Your Self-worth

Your identity should not be tied to how much money you make, your job title, how much you weigh, how far or how fast you can run, or how many social media followers you have. The superficial messages we get from society might make us think otherwise, but what matters is how we treat others. And how we treat ourselves.

Trust Yourself

We all have an inner critic who tries to halt our progress. While not easy to do, persuade that voice to be your cheerleader. Create a healthy ritual of positive affirmations that you truly believe. For example, tell yourself you’ll keep trying no matter how hard a goal is, rather than simply repeating that you’ll succeed.

Accept a Compliment

To recognize your value means you feel positive about yourself and accept when someone says something nice about you. Studies show we have a difficult time dealing with compliments. While it’s tempting to shift the credit away from ourselves, offer an excuse, or return the favor to whoever gave the kind words to us, don’t. Stop the habit of belittling yourself. Say “thank you,” and enjoy the compliment.

Value Your Abilities

Meditating on your best qualities can be a real game changer. The process can serve to help you appreciate the qualities that explain who you are inside while building your self-esteem.

Write down your traits and skills. Think back to occasions in your life that have been valuable to you, good or bad. Then reflect on the positive traits you displayed during those times, such as compassion, patience, understanding, etc.

Use that list as a first step to better understand your worth and to be more forgiving to yourself.

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