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When Should You Shower? Science Can Help

When Should You Shower? Science Can Help

Showers can be relaxing at any time of day, and both morning and evening showers have their enthusiastic fans. Does time of day make a difference in the health benefits of showers? Experts say it does. Before you laugh at the idea, you should understand the surprising science behind the question. 

Showers  After Exercise

Whether you’re a morning person or a night owl, you likely agree that showers are self-nurturing. As you step into the warm water, you step out of the trials and tribulations of the daily grind. 

Even more important, showers are key for personal hygiene, particularly after sweating through a workout. It’s tempting to jump under the water a few seconds after you wrap up. However, experts advise that you let your body cool down before showering to normalize your heart rate and body temperature.

Morning Meditation

Many people swear that a morning shower starts the day right, cleaning the body and plumping up skin. Experts agree. But did you know that another benefit of morning showers is problem solving

When faced with a problem without an obvious answer, you may transfer the matter to your subconscious mind until a solution “magically” appears. Showers are a great place for this process. Under the warm water, you slip into a relaxed state while remaining alert, an “alpha brain wave stateakin to meditation. The conscious part of your brain relaxes and allows creative solutions to bubble up.

Evening Relaxation

A good night’s sleep can improve your attitude and energy level all day long, and nobody appreciates shuteye more than those who have trouble dozing off. One factor in the insomnia equation is whether your body is warm or cold. Scientists say body temperature can affect your body’s energy level. Warmer temperatures stir up energy, and cooler ones make you sleepy.

An evening shower can tip the balance. Although the warm water causes your body temperature to rise, stepping out of the shower cools you down quickly, nudging you toward sleep. And face it, it’s easier to relax when your body is clean. 

On balance, both morning and evening showers have benefits you’ll have to weigh out. If you’re worried about a problem when you wake up and need your skin to look its best, a morning shower might be the better choice. But if getting to sleep is a challenge, an end-of-the-day shower is your ticket.

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