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Why We Love Cycling

Why We Love Cycling

When it comes to cardio, cycling is a mainstay of many trainers. It allows you to build stamina, starting slowly and moving into faster speeds and more intense hills over time. Having varied cycling workouts helps to keep things fresh, and working with relatable coaches provides encouragement. 

We caught up with just such a coach, MYX Director of Fitness Erika, to find out what sets cycling apart from other forms of cardio such as running or stair climbing.


Why is cycling such a big part of MYXfitness?

Cycling is an amazing way to train. It’s low-impact and friendly on the joints. With cycling, you can work on your endurance, strength, and also get your heart rate up, which is important for heart health. It’s a fantastic cardiovascular workout.


What are the best ways to incorporate interval training into your cycling workouts?

Try our HIIT and interval training bike workouts. We have tons of options ranging from 10 to 45 minutes, so no matter how much time you have, MYXfitness has you covered. In these rides, we use variations of speed and resistance to create alternating periods of intensity and recovery. Interval training has the same, if not better, benefits of longer periods of steady-state cardio and gives you major bang for your buck. We also offer HIIT and cardio sculpt workouts off the bike for days when you don't feel like saddling up but still want to get some interval training in.


Are there advantages of working out with a stationary bicycle instead of cycling outdoors?

The stationary bike is valuable because you can ride no matter what the weather. It’s convenient and helps you create healthy habits by being a constant in your home. Stationary bikes can also reduce your risk of injury from rough terrain or other vehicles on the road. It’s a smooth ride where you are in charge of how high the hills are and how fast you ride down them. You always have an opportunity to increase the difficulty when you're feeling strong and energized or take it down a notch when you need a lighter recovery ride.


Thanks for sharing! Learn more about Erika and our other MYX coaches.

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