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Workout Fun For the Whole Family

Workout Fun For the Whole Family

By Erika Katz, Parenting Expert and Author of "Coach Parenting"

As parents, there is always so much to do and never enough time to get it all done. Between work, the kids various activities, and all the household chores, it leaves little time for much else. But, there is a way to add that cardio, yoga, and even a few minutes of meditation to your routine. It’s as simple as creating a family schedule! 

How to Create One

While this may seem like a bit of a project, it's actually as easy as getting an erasable white-board and displaying it in your kitchen. First, make a list of all the non-negotiables. These are things you have to do. Be sure to include your work hours, the kids school and after-school activities, and anything else that can’t be missed. Do not forget to include meals with at least two dinners a week together as a family

Next, look at your errands and chores. This is a great opportunity to create family time. Whether it's teaching your kids how to pick produce in the grocery store or showing them how to do laundry, these are all moments to talk with your kids while teaching them basic life skills. 

Don’t Forget… 

… to schedule your fitness routine. Maybe get up before your kids two mornings a week and do thirty minutes of cardio, stretch, or a dance cardio class. If evenings are better, schedule your kids homework time and try to work out while they are busy with schoolwork. Remember, something is better than nothing and with MYX, you can do all your workouts at-home. 

Involve Your Kids!

If neither of these options work for you, look for some time in your family schedule to exercise with your kids. If walking the dog is on your non-negotiable list, take an extra-long walk with your dog and bring your kids along. 

If they love to dance, try a dance cardio class with popular music they may like. If the weather is nice, take the kids for a bike ride or to a local ropes course. They will love the physical challenge and the mental challenge will free your mind as well. The best part of working out with your kids? You can’t be on your devices when you are climbing ropes, dancing, or riding a bike. You have to be fully engaged! 

If you are not the most organized person, the family schedule will be a great tool to help you find time you never even knew you had. You will see how fitness, family time, and meals together are all possible if you just schedule it. Create the schedule, set your goals and you may even find you can sneak in a bubble bath along the way!

Meet Erika Katz:

Erika Katz is a healthy parenting and lifestyle expert who understands that leading by example is the best way to encourage a healthy lifestyle. She is the author of Coach Parenting and can be seen on “The Mom Jury” for the Today Show with Kathy Lee and Hoda, Fox & Friends, Inside Edition, Hallmark's Home & Family, and The Harry Show. Currently, she hosts Tone Talk, a show for women on the Tone Network. You can check out her website here to find other healthy parenting tips. Stay tuned for more MYX content from Erika!

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