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World Kindness Day: A Q&A with our Coaches

World Kindness Day: A Q&A with our Coaches

One of our favorite days is on the horizon. No, we’re not talking about Turkey Day. November 13th is World Kindness Day. We chatted with MYXfitness Coaches Kristin Condon and Christina LaGrega who inspire us to show  kindness every day.

Why does kindness matter to you?

Kristin: Kindness connects us to our empathy, helping us build relationships and community. When we build community, we remember we are not the center of the universe. This realization can bring perspective and help us let go of stress. It’s all about being present.

Christina: Studies show kindness can reduce anxiety and depression. Treating someone with kindness is like saying "you are important and you matter to me.” When people say hateful things, we carry those words with us like a virus. The more hurtful words you hear, the more it builds up inside. If we overpower those words with kindness, we can start breaking down the hurt inside of others. 

How do you show kindness in your everyday life?

Kristin: I show kindness to myself first with meditation or exercise to create the space I need to be present. I try to check in with people, even when they seem perfectly fine. Recently, my motto has been to drop everything if a friend or family member calls. If someone has been brave enough to ask for my presence, it’s an honor just to be there.

Christina: I make sure to listen without ego or judgment. I also provide a little extra when I can, whether it’s responding to every message on social media or bringing water to the mail carrier. I advocate for youth in underprivileged areas throughout the New York metro area. I collect school supplies, holiday items, blankets, cold-weather gear, and toiletries to deliver with my family. Setting an example for my kids is so important.

What are examples of random acts of kindness we can perform every day?

Kristin: Pick up a stranger’s tab. Someone ahead of me in line bought my coffee recently, and it turned my day around. Offering kindness to strangers as a conscious practice can reinforce our efforts in other areas, such as in personal relationships. If you have a partner, try taking something off of their plate.

Christina: Send letters to family and friends who you haven’t spoken to in awhile. Snail mail can be so exciting. Kindness is a choice. So is choosing to practice common courtesy by saying “please” and “thank you” to your server or giving up your seat on the train.

It’s the little things that make a big difference. Happy World Kindness Day!

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