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Your Questions Answered: Mental Health, Motivation and More

Your Questions Answered: Mental Health, Motivation and More

If you follow us on IG (you are, aren’t you 👀), you know our coaches love to answer questions and share their expertise. So we asked them to tackle the five most frequently asked questions as we head into the holiday season. We’ve turned to our in-house experts, Coaches Dan, Donna, Dyan, Justin, and Lauren for the answers.

@nataleperla wants to know if we have any good winter workout strategies for when it’s dark and cold in the morning? 

Coach Dyan knows cold and dark mornings can be a challenge. Dyan suggests preparing your workout outfit the night before, so you’re ready to go with the proper gear to stay warm. Knowing your clothing is ready makes it harder to stay in bed. Donna also reminds everyone to get a good night’s sleep (7-9 hours), so you’re well-rested. 

@artebytin asks if we can recommend an exercise routine for people who have back pain and bad posture? 

Coach Lauren recommends focusing on mobility and breathwork. She says, “Disordered breathing patterns are a common cause for pain and poor posture. Bringing more oxygen into the body with mobility exercises and specific breathing techniques can really help.” Lauren suggests checking out the yoga, mobility, and Rx workouts on the MYXfitness app.

@aliagoro asks what is HIIT riding?

Coach Dan explains that HIIT means “cycling at a high intensity that’s measured by the pace or resistance for a specific interval of time.” During a HIIT workout, whether it’s riding or another form of exercise, recovery time is usually limited to 30-90 seconds.

@photokbro wants to know what’s the best thing to eat before a ride and how far in advance of riding should we eat?

You know we’re passionate about good nutrition. We also know everyone is different when it comes to pre-workout eating habits. Coach Justin, who likes to do his cardio in the mornings, chooses to have a fruit bowl 20-30 minutes before his workout. He combines one banana, ½ cup of blueberries, ½ cup of strawberries, and 1 TBSP of chia seeds for a pre-workout meal that gives him a boost of energy without feeling full. If you prefer to cycle later in the day, Justin suggests avoiding heavy foods and not eating at least 30 minutes before your ride. 

@amy_z_jenn asks how she can foster good mental health through a dramatically different holiday season this year?

Coach Donna says we should honor our feelings about the holidays, acknowledging that this year might be emotionally and mentally challenging. But she reminds us we can choose to create a different thought pattern about it. “If we can find a new way of thinking about it, it can help us feel better,” she says. “Self-care is critical during this time. Exercise, yoga, meditation, or talking with loved ones are all good sources of self-care.”

Whether you’re new to MYXfitness or a devoted fan, we hope you’ll keep asking us questions. We enjoy sharing our love of healthy living.

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