Who/What is Myx Fitness?

Myx Fitness is an interactive fitness training platform that streams on-demand workouts to your in-home Myx Studio. Our efficient multi-discipline training methodology incorporates cardio, resistance, & recovery phases into single workouts. Our sustainable & holistic daily workout routines can serve as a comprehensive fitness program or as a supplement to other fitness practices. We aim to improve health at any age, balance strength with cardio, promote active recovery, and rejuvenate the mind & body to help you reach your full potential. 

Why should I purchase the Myx Home Studio?

We're the only fitness brand to deliver an affordable home exercise studio to your door, and provide accessible, efficient workouts that cater to your busy life. Our customizable at-home Myx Studio includes all the necessary equipment at an incredible price: indoor bike with interactive touch-screen tablet, three sets of dumbbells, one kettle bell, foam roller, resistance band, and a 5 mm yoga mat.

Is the Myx Home Studio worth the price?

We researched hundred of fitness solutions and can find no other company that offers the same value as Myx. Our equipment is top of the line, our trainers are best-in-class, and our support is world class. 

How does Myx differ from other fitness solutions?

Myx is the only true, multi-discipline, in-home workout solution in the market today. Many other in-home solutions offer single discipline workout solutions, whereas Myx was founded on the basis that human performance is greatly enhanced when approaching each discipline (cardio, strength, restoration) with equal effort. 

What's so good about the Myx Fitness tablet app?

We first studied hundreds of popular fitness apps (both phone and tablet) in the market. We then took the best and most effective features from those apps and built them into our tablet application. Finally, we layered in our innovative, patent-pending technology to create a unique, results-based fitness application designed to keep you coming back.

What additional equipment do I need to take a Myx class?

Each Myx Signature workout requires a bike trainer (for cardio), weights (for strength) and a foam roller (for muscle recovery). 

Does Myx offer studio classes?

Yes! Please visit our studio page for more detail. https://studio.myxfitness.com/

Can I become a Myx Fitness trainer?

We are always looking for talented, certified trainers from diverse backgrounds. Please email us for more detail. hello@myxfitness.com