MYX II Plus BEATS Peloton hands down

See why there’s no comparison.

  • Features
  • Peloton
 Bike + 
  • Plus Package
  • $1,599
  • $2,795 ⚚⚚
  • 1:1 training approach
  • Personalized heart rate zones
  • Speed, cadence & distance tracking
  • Professional-grade bike
  • Cycling shoes not required
  • 21.5" premium tablet included
  • Use Apple Watch® as heart rate monitor
  • All Workouts
  • Cycling Only
  • Compact footprint
  • 3’4” x 1’ 7”
  • 4' x 2'

Everything you need for one LOW(ER) price create a home gym — at an at-home friendly price.

Premium Star Trac Professional-grade Bike

Best-In-Class Polar OH1 Heart Rate Monitor

6-Piece Weight Set,* Kettlebell, Resistance Band *Weight rack sold separately.

Bike Mat, Activity Mat, EVA Foam Roller

One membership, up to FIVE profiles

For way less than one gym membership, everyone can get in the MYX. Your $39 (total!) monthly MYX membership gives up to 5 people access to the widest range of workouts available, on and off the bike.

  • Total fitness system for body and mind
  • Sleek interactive touchscreen tablet (21.5")
  • Dozens of motivating world-class trainers
  • Thousands of workouts with new sessions added weekly
  • In-workout data including heart rate, speed, cadence, and distance

Why professional-grade MATTERS

The MYX bike is designed to the same high-quality standards as professional-grade bikes, and built to be used by dozens of riders at least 7-10 hours per DAY. Other at-home bikes that cost more, are simply residential grade, which typically are designed to be used 7-10 hrs per WEEK.

  • Reasons Why MYX is BETTER

    #1. Check Out That Flywheel

    MYX: The heart of the bike is the flywheel, at 41lbs. 
A heavier flywheel creates a feeling of inertia and mimics a true road ride feel–as well a smoother, quieter ride.

    Peloton: Their bike is 7-15 pounds lighter than MYX.

  • Reasons Why MYX is BETTER

    #2. Versatile Pedals

    MYX: You can wear athletic shoes (and use the provided pedal cages) or cycling shoes with 
SPD clips.

    Peloton: You can only use cycle shoes.

  • Reasons Why MYX is BETTER

    #3. Flexible and Adjustable

    MYX: The seat goes up and down as well as forward and back. Even the handlebars go up and down as well as forward and back.

    Peloton: The handlebars DO NOT go forward 
and back.

  • Reasons Why MYX is BETTER

    #4. Built for YOU

    MYX: Bike can accommodate someone 4-11 ft to 6-8 ft and a weight range up to 350 lbs.

    Peloton: Bike can only accommodate a 
305 lb weight limit.

MORE choices. 
MORE results.

Get unlimited workout choices on the bike, off the bike, and on the go.

MYX and Openfit have come together to help you get real results in whatever time you have — at home and on the go.

  • On-demand classes and LIVE workouts
  • Programs and challenges for engagement and accountability
  • World-class trainers focused on motivation, not competition. No leaderboards here!
  • Strength, cardio, yoga, pilates, barre, meditation, even nutrition
  • Curated songs by popular artists you know and love

Stream on your MYX bike, TV, laptop, or mobile app