MYX works because...


We guide and celebrate progress with the metric that matters most — your heart rate.


We train your mind too, which is just as important as training your body.


We provide a smarter, simpler solution designed to fit your life and your style.

What makes MYX different?

See how our proven, scientifically backed method delivers real results for your real life, for real.

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It’s been proven that moving your body in a variety of ways is the most effective way to achieve lasting results. With MYX, you get an extensive range of on-demand workouts that keep your body on its toes.


Heart-rate zone training

For optimum health and fitness, you need to workout across a variety of intensity levels. Our coach-led guidance, focused on your personalized heart rate zones, helps you train smarter, and minimizes your risk of fatigue and overworking.

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Positive coaching

To develop consistency around healthy behaviors and routines, you need to get your mind right. Our positive, one-on-one coaching approach helps you improve your mindset, stay motivated, build on your strengths, and take control of your holistic wellbeing.


On demand

Everything is on your schedule, with your choice of workouts, at every fitness level and duration, led by coaches focused on supercharging your success. And you can also use the MYX app to stream your workouts on iOS and take healthy and happy on the go.

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Get data-driven results

Your initial MYX Assessment measures your cardiovascular fitness level and determines your custom heart rate zones. Then our coaches guide you through your personalized zones during each workout for maximum results.


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