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    Meet Joey!

    Word class motivational coach
    to help you change your life.

    "Now you’re in the front row, the front row of life."

    –Joey Thurman, MYX Coach

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    Meet Christina!

    Word class motivational coach
    to keep you engaged.

    "No judgement, No ego, No pressure, just you and me."

    –Christina LaGrega, MYX Coach

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    Meet Garner!

    Word class motivational coach
    to support you on your journey.

    "You’re going to do your best and I’m going to be right here while you are doing it."

    –Garner Pilat, MYX Coach

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MYX Fitness

Your Schedule. your coaches. your LIFE.

The perfect MYX of health, wellness and fitness

–Positive Psychology
–Heart Rate Based Training
–Total Body Cross-Training

Proven science for lasting change.

Real Results for Real Life

The most complete, personalized and motivating program ever developed.
MYX Fitness—Real Fitness for Real People.

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We believe your mind is the largest muscle in your body. Learn how to train and strengthen it to conquer anything.

MYX Body Graphic

Feel the MYX difference–Strength, Endurance, Balance, and Flexibility using the only metric that matters– your heart rate.

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You already know the benefits of working out, see how it fits into your life. Not the other way around.