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MYX was created to help you reach your goals in the time you have to work out — whether that’s 20 minutes twice a week, 10 minutes in between helping your kids with homework, or the daily sessions you need to get ready for a half marathon.

But how?

Science-driven, highly personalized heart rate-based training.

We start with your heart

Woman working out on mat in push up one had to the sky position

Monitored for efficiency

MYX comes with a heart rate monitor for a reason. For optimum health and fitness, you need to work out across a variety of intensity levels (heart rate zones).

Man riding the MYX excerices bike and choosing a setting on his tablet

Customized for effectiveness

Our tech will assess your current cardiovascular fitness, and our trainers will guide you where you need to go to achieve your specific goals based on three heart rate zones calibrated just for you.

Guy in lunge position with arms stretched up towards the ceiling

Optimized for consistency

Leading with your heart in this way also minimizes your risk of fatigue and overworking so your workouts are sustainable and you can better avoid injury.

We’re about fitness based on facts, not fads

To make sure you get the most out your workouts in the time you have, our proprietary algorithm calibrates your individual heart rate zones based on your Zone Calibration Ride and marries that with recommendations from the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM).

Many training programs rely on speed, cadence, and distance alone. While MYX tracks these three metrics as well, according to the ACSM, the most effective method of training is to work out through varying levels of heart rate intensity to achieve your goals — whether that’s weight loss, cardiac conditioning, strength, or flexibility.

That’s why we personalize your heart rate-based training across three individualized zones, so you can effectively — and efficiently — condition your aerobic system.

We personalize everything, in a good way

Right out of the box, your MYX heart rate-based fitness experience is customized to help you work out most efficiently for your age.

Woman in yoga pose on her mat

But age-based training isn’t enough. The Zone Calibration Ride measures your individual cardiovascular fitness, then creates three customized heart rate zones for you to move through. That way, every workout you do is personalized to YOU.

Woman turning her heart rate monitor that is around her forearm on

Not sure which workouts to do? Our smart recommendations take the guesswork out of your workout by telling you which workouts to do based on your Zone Calibration Ride outcomes and your goals.

Woman stretching next to her excercise bike after a workout

Then our trainers guide you through your three personalized zones to make every workout efficient and effective. Plus they keep you motivated over time — and help you have some fun along the way.

Man on his exercise bike during a working
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