MYX vs Peloton: 10 Reasons Why MYXfitness Is Better

The MYX Plus in charcoal in a home setting

By Nick Sutrich | Original Article

If you're looking for a convenient way to fit an extra workout or two into your busy schedule, MYXfitness has the solution you've been looking for.

Home fitness classes are convenient, but they can sometimes also be generic, impersonal and led by overconfident instructors that can come off as annoying. If you've found yourself in this exact scenario, MYXfitness can help.

So what, exactly, is the MYXfitness home studio? In a nutshell, it's a total body workout in a package that's half the price of the competition. It offers total-body personal training and it won't even take much space in your home.

MYXfitness offers a membership package that delivers unlimited access to content, including weekly updated workouts, a vast library containing hundreds of total-body workouts, and professional, world-class coaches to personalize your fitness plan.

I was lucky enough to test drive a new MYXfitness home studio and here is why I found it a better buy than a Peloton bike.

1. Positive encouragement

Look, I'm a tech writer. I spend a lot of time in front of my computer in a chair. I know fitness is important but, sometimes I find it hard to get motivated to work my body out after a long day of exercising my brain. Some people find fitness to be an easy way to wind down after work or to start the day, but we're not all super excited about it.

That's why MYXfitness coaches are so awesome.

Coaches on MYXfitness utilize positive psychology that makes you feel good about yourself and will actually encourage you to try additional coaches and workouts through the program.

Since there are around a dozen coaches in the program, it's great to know that getting the best fitness plan isn't based on the coach you end up with because of scheduling convenience. I'm sure plenty of folks out there have ended up bored or uninspired at their local gym just because the coach on staff didn't gel with their workout style.

This won't happen with MYXfitness. Simply put, MYXfitness is more enjoyable than your average home workout and will make you actually want to work out.

2. One-to-one training

One-to-one training means you are never just a number in a class. It truly feels like a personal trainer in your living room. Coaches look to not only instruct but also inspire. That's important, especially for people that are new to fitness routines, as the competitive nature of other coaches can be a huge turn-off and can even be debilitating to the process of attaining your better self.

When it comes to MYX vs Peloton instructors, the difference is night and day. Peloton instructions can tend to be overwhelming, as they often shout to the class and are overly-focused on a leaderboard.

The leaderboard focus is a less effective way of meeting your goals. After all, we're all built differently, and the physical limits of our bodies are also going to be different. What you're strong at, someone else might be weak at, and vice-versa. MYXfitness instructors cater to your strengths and help you build upon those, while simultaneously helping you better yourself by improving in those more difficult areas.

The focus is on you, not everyone else.

MYX Member Doing Mat Exercises while watching MYX Coach on the MYX bike tablet

3. Variety of classes

So you bought an awesome exercise bike complete with a beautiful, swiveling tablet. But what if you're just not feeling the whole cycling thing on a Wednesday after work? MYXfitness offers a wide breadth of class styles, including yoga, meditation, HIIT, cardio dance, cycling, and plenty more.

This means you'll never get bored and will always find a workout to fit your mood and goals. It also means you won't be working the same old thing every day. An exercise routine is good and important to success, but the same-old-same-old won't keep most people going for the long-haul.

In fact, you know what's really cool? The swiveling tablet that's attached to the bike makes it really easy and comfortable to become completely immersed whether you are on the bike or on the floor. MYX is also giving access to some of your favorite entertainment apps so if you feel like watching a show while you workout, you can! And you still get credit for it in your MYX profile.

4. Based on important metrics

If you've ever been to an OrangeTheory, you'll immediately appreciate how MYX runs its workouts. MYX routines are based on heart rate zones, valuing cross-training and total-body utilization as the core metrics for success.

They coined the term MYX Score, which is a great way to track your progress over time. When it comes to MYX vs Peloton, with MYX I felt like I had gotten a complete workout when I finished one of their cross-Myx sessions. That means you won't have extra strong legs and weak arms after your time with MYX. Instead, your entire body will feel better than ever.

5. Not just for fitness buffs

Have you ever been to a CrossFit gym? They're pretty overwhelming, aren't they? Some of us just aren't ready to do 100 sit-ups, 100 push-ups, and 100 laps around the parking lot. Then you're supposed to somehow follow that up with another round for good measure.

MYX won't throw this kind of inconceivable difficulty at you because it's built for individual fitness levels.

It's all in the way the coaches talk to you, the variety of classes, and the fact that you are using your own personal heart rate zones. This makes classes feel truly personalized to you and your fitness level, not someone who has to keep up with the folks that have hours a day to train.

This is another win for MYX in the MYX vs Peloton battle. With Peloton, it feels like you already have to be in shape to participate in any of the classes. There's no ramping-up of skill levels, no real personalization. In fact, a lot of the time it feels a bit like constantly failing, and that's no way to create an encouraging environment that makes you return regularly to work out.

With MYX, you'll actually get that encouragement, and it's done by honing the workout to your level, not the other way around.

6. Price

The price is absolutely unbelievable. MYX starts at $1,199 vs the $2,245 Peloton starts at.

That's literally half the price of Peloton. Half.

If you prefer not to pay for it upfront, MYXfitness provides financing through Affirm with an unbelievable $34 per month at 0% for 36 months.

What's surprising is that in spite of the much lower cost, MYX doesn't sacrifice quality. This is thanks to their business model which allows the company to provide commercial gym brand equipment for less. Their direct-to-consumer model allows them to avoid the markups from wholesalers and retailers. MYX isn't trying to reinvent the wheel (pun intended) with the equipment, rather, focus their investments on the content and the technology.

MYX member doing stretch band exercise on the mat while watching MYX coach on the MYX bike tablet

7. High-quality equipment

So you thought the price was unbelievable? Wait until you get a load of this equipment!

I couldn't believe the quality of the equipment, and that's not even saying anything about the bang for your buck value that the price nets you.

The brands that the MYX includes are top-of-the-line. These are brands you'll recognize from the gym, like STAR-TRAC, POLAR, SPRI, & GAIAM, not some off-brands that'll break in a year or less.

If you do a little digging, it doesn't take long to find out that these are commercial-grade bikes and designed to be used in gyms daily. That means they're built to handle wear and tear, not to mention the huge difference in workout levels that a gym has to handle.

Quality matters when looking at the MYX vs Peloton choice. Although Peloton's bike looks sleek, reviews aren't always the most positive. Many find that it doesn't hold up after regular use.

8. Coaches are people, too.

Another MYX vs Peloton difference is the coaches. One thing you'll notice about MYX coaches is they actually feel like people you can relate to and would want to spend time with.

Compare to coaches from brands like Peloton who seem like they do nothing but work out all day. That makes them feel unapproachable and less relatable, like a model out of a magazine that you'd probably never want to meet.

These coaches aren't doing this as a side job, though. No, they have impressive backgrounds that prove their expertise is worth your valuable time, and they'll help you enjoy the process along the way.

9. Hey, what's that song?

The variety of music on the MYX is great. MYX is set up so each time you take a workout, you'll hear a new set of songs. That's extremely important. It means you won't have to change up the workout routine that works for you just because you needed a new set of tunes to jam out to.

What's also great is that the artist and song title are placed right on the screen, so you can ask Google Assistant or Alexa to play more from your favorite new artist when the workout is over.

I've found a few top favorite workouts that I've enjoyed daily, yet they feel fresh every time thanks to new playlists. It's definitely refreshing to feel like I can work out what I need to, without resorting to only half-paying attention because I'm sick of the music selection.

There's nothing like top-40's on repeat to make you want to quit ASAP.

10. Designed with care

Sometimes, a product can feel like it started out with a great idea just to then fell apart as development progressed.

MYX feels like a thoroughly thought-out and well-designed product through-and-through. All the little things that really matter add up to create an unbelievable experience that'll have you smiling every time you use it.

Real quality-of-life functions like pedals that operate well with both clip-in spin shoes as well as regular sneakers with cages.

The tablet swivels so you can move from the bike to the floor with ease.

You can even browse and schedule classes from the mobile app and reserve the bike. Being able to check out all the new classes while you're away from home makes it so much easier to just get into the workout when it's time.

Photo of the white myx bike in a home setting

Here's the deal

MYXfitness is about more than just providing good cardio or a cool biking experience. After all, fitness is not a one-size-fits-all affair.

Instead, MYX works to provide an exciting workout for your entire body, with coaches that not only know what they're doing, but can help you understand what you're doing. This is all while providing the important emotional and psychological encouragement needed to come back regularly.

It's not about competing with others and remaining on top of the leaderboard or scoring big wins against your friends. It's about personal health, both mind and body, and a system that's going to help you win in life. Not to simply beat everyone else in a rat race.

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