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5 Ways to Choose Joy Now

5 Ways to Choose Joy Now

There’s no doubt that self-isolation, and all that comes with it, can make life more stressful. But you may have noticed some people seem to be handling it better than others.  Which begs the question: why? The answer might be surprising!

Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project. says our happiness quotient is about 50% genetics, 20% life circumstances (health and occupation), and 30% thoughts and actions. So if we can take steps to control our thoughts and actions, it is possible to feel better almost instantly!

Here are five ways you can choose joy, today.

  1. Play: Playing helps improve creativity, language, and reasoning skills. So grab the sidewalk chalk for a game of hopscotch, or to create uplifting sidewalk messages for your neighbors. No chalk? No worries. Initiate a game of tag or hide-and-seek. Daily play is a relief and can help you embrace being in the moment. 
  2. Learn: Researchers know lifelong learning is key to maintaining a higher quality of life. Following curiosity and expanding your mind always feels good, and can give a sense of accomplishment. So dust off an old hobby or take up a new one to spark some creativity in your everyday life. 
  3. Connect: Hearing a friend’s voice can lift your spirits. Take a few moments to reach out to a loved one on the phone, in real-time, to tell them you love and miss them. Let yourself get lost in conversation, and maybe share a laugh. Even a five-minute call can bring you joy, and will probably make your friend’s day too!
  4. Listen: Quiet time helps us hear our thoughts. When we sit quietly and listen to how we’re talking to ourselves, we have an opportunity to reframe our negative thoughts into a more positive mindset and reconnect to what’s important. So brew a cup of tea, choose a favorite spot, and just sit quietly with no agenda other than to listen to your thoughts. 
  5. Exercise: There’s no better antidote to stress than exercise, as endorphins created from moving will lift your spirits instantly! Whether it’s a five-minute stretch or a 45-minute cardio session, you will benefit from moving your body.  Our coaches will help you de-stress, no matter how much or how little time you have, and you’ll feel happier when all is said and done!  

We’d love to hear how you choose joy! Drop us a line on social media and share your favorite tips for a happier day.

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