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5 Ways to Fight Fear

5 Ways to Fight Fear

On New Year’s Eve, you swore 2020 was going to be your year, but now the coronavirus is giving us all one more thing to worry about because it’s challenging us to change our learned behaviors. 

It’s invading our comfort zones. Staying home all day? Working from home? Homeschooling the kids? Today’s reality is different from what we thought it would be even a few weeks ago. So we’ve put together five ways to help you take control while stepping into and navigating a new reality. 

1. ID Your Fears

Your fears thrive when you pretend they don’t exist. You need to call those fears out! Think of what you want to achieve and consider the worst-case scenarios. Write them down. Sit with them for a while. Visualize ways you can overcome the worst possible outcome. 

By listing nightmare outcomes you become familiar with them. And familiarity lets you get comfortable enough to manage those fears. At that point, you can block them from the timeline of your life.

2. Be Logical

Thinking straight can be hard when you’re nervous. But just because something feels scary doesn’t mean it can cause you harm. Be logical and objective as you consider the odds. Remember that stepping out of your comfort zone doesn’t always equal danger. 

Channel the anxiety you feel about things you can’t control into combating fears that are less threatening. Take the time to educate yourself. Knowledge can go a long way to easing fears.

3. Accept Failure as Part of the Process

At first, you might miss the mark as you strive to conquer your fear. That’s called trying. Everyone fails when they try something new. You will fail. It’s a must, because, honestly, it's the only way to get better at things you need to learn. Fail. Learn. Grow. The process makes positive change a permanent condition.

4. Take Baby Steps

Tackle your fears, but don’t get crazy. Challenge yourself to overcome just one fear at a time. Jog a few extra minutes, but don’t run a marathon if you’re normally gasping after a 5k. A little bit at a time goes a long way.

5. Stay Positive

Don’t beat yourself up when you miss a target or if you backslide. It’ll happen. Strike down your defeatist demons by building yourself up. And enjoy it! You’re making you more interesting and transforming your life for the better.

Go ahead and start right now. Now get out of your comfort zone and be the best version of yourself! Fear be gone.

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