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Meet MYX Coach Kristin Condon

Meet MYX Coach Kristin Condon

We recently caught up with our newest coach Kristin Condon, who teaches pilates, barre, yoga and stretch for MYX. She is also an actress, former ballerina and former trainer on Daily Burn’s DB365.  You can learn more about Kristin and the rest of the MYX Coaches on the MYX website. 

How are you staying active while under “stay at home” orders? 

I am supporting freelance movement professionals by taking their classes online whenever I can!  And running in Dumbo, Brooklyn with my husband. So far so good!

What is your favorite podcast?

Mine!! I am the host of a podcast called Women Crush Weekly, where we crush on women doing cool things and I give a mini-medi (meditation) at the end of each one. The meditations are available separately as well. My partner and I are getting going on doing some more episodes next month, so check it out!

What is your favorite book?

Anything by Pema Chodron but especially When Things Fall Apart. If you are into audiobooks, I just narrated a great yoga book called The Yoga Effect that includes all sorts of great research as well as guided exercises and meditations that are very relaxing.  For fiction, I read The Overstory a few months back and was pretty blown away. It was epic, like literally. I’m sure there will be a movie in the next few years. 

What is your favorite healthy snack? 

Snacks are so important and having them on-hand helps us all feel a little more comforted. My best healthy snack is apples and nut butter, but I am supremely comforted by sourdough pretzels right now. Not the healthiest, but also not unhealthy! Something about them takes me back to my childhood and simpler times. 

What is your favorite TV Show? 

There are so many! I’m currently in our cabin in rural PA where I don’t have TV, so I’m not watching any, but I just finished The Outsider. It was creepily wonderful and weirdly perfect for the times. For something lighter, I’d go with Parks and Recreation - which I LOVE!

What’s your favorite social distancing activity?

Catching up with friends, colleagues and family either on the phone or FaceTime!

What’s on Your Feel Good Playlist? 

  1. The Greatest- Sia
  2. Hold On - Alabamba Shakes
  3. Ever Had a Little Faith- Belle and Sebastian

Thanks, Kristin! We’ll see you in the app!

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