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Best Bites: Powerful Post-Workout Snacks

Best Bites: Powerful Post-Workout Snacks

Have you ever approached the end of a high-impact workout, when all of a sudden, the realization hits you: I’m so hungry!

But what’s the best post-workout snack? Though you can find countless ready-made options, it can be difficult to make healthy choices that support your sweat sessions.

To get clarity, we asked MYX coaches Lauren SambataroDan Lawrence, and Dyan Tsiumis for their expert opinions on food picks to refuel in ways that benefit both their bodies and their taste buds.

Drink It Up

Coach Lauren reaches for LMNT's essential amino acids powder with electrolytes to mix into her water. Essential amino acids (EAAs) aren’t produced by the body; we get them from supplements or food. “They decrease protein breakdown and increase muscle synthesis, the first priority post-workout for muscle recovery,” she says.

The only issue? EAAs can be extremely bitter. That’s where the flavor from the rehydrating LMNT electrolytes helps out. Lauren's sold on the drink’s peculiar tang. ”It tastes like a margarita! I love that it is so easy to consume and immediately quenches my thirst."

A Shake and a Cake (or Tuna Flakes)

If you need high protein foods after an intense workout, Coach Dan has you covered. He opts for a satisfying high-calorie protein shake and rice cakes topped with peanut butter or a can of tuna mixed with mayonnaise.

He enjoys the feeling that he's earned a hearty snack after a hard workout. Nutritionally, protein strengthens bones and muscle while carbohydrates refuel energy stores, helping him stay alert throughout the day. 

Egg and Potato Upgrade

Coach Dyan exercises early and goes for a twist on a classic breakfast: hard-boiled eggs and sweet potato slices brushed with coconut oil. 

A self-professed meal prepper, she boils four eggs and only eats the whites, "but it's totally cool to eat the yolk, too, for extra calories and vitamins D, E, A, and K,” she says. Dyan credits the protein and natural sodium of the eggs with keeping her hydrated after working out.

Packed with health benefits, sweet potatoes promote gut health and include complex carbs, healthy fats that help her feel full, fiber, and natural antioxidants. “And the coconut oil may raise HDL, the good cholesterol,” she adds.

Perhaps best of all, Dyan loves the benefits of eating what she makes herself.

Which option will be a perfect fit for you? Give each a try after your next three workouts!

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