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Give Dad the gift of happy and healthy

Give Dad the gift of happy and healthy

Your dad might be your biggest fan, strongest advocate, and wisest advice-giver. Now, it’s time to return the favor so your father embraces fitness to look and feel his best. Just in time for Father’s Day, we caught up with Lauren, a certified Functional Health Coach and MYX trainer, for wellness tips to ensure your dad stays healthy.

“As men age, it’s more important for them to stay active,” Lauren explains. “Testosterone levels dip after age 40, which can lead to decreased muscle mass, lower bone density, and a lower max heart rate. It’s important to add the right amount of stress in those areas so the body keeps responding.”

Make fitness a family affair 

So, how can you give Dad the gift of health and fitness while making it fun? He doesn’t have to spend hours in a gym. Lauren offers these tips so your dad can combine exercise with family time:

  • Take a 30-minute family walk to burn about 160 calories
  • Offer to be your dad’s workout buddy if he prefers to exercise with others
  • Play with (or walk) pets together for a weight loss boost
  • Incorporate fun fitness competitions at family gatherings
  • Encourage him to take up an active outdoor hobby or sport

Encourage smart food choices

“Men tend to think they can get away with eating and snacking more, but a poor diet can cause an increase in blood pressure, cholesterol, and inflammation,” Lauren says. 

To get on the right nutritional track, encourage him to:

  • Stop eating the extra food from his kids’ (or grandkids’) plates
  • Refrain from eating a day’s worth of calories in one sitting
  • Avoid eating at night or near bedtime. “It’s best to eat when the sun is up, not down,” says Lauren.
  • Curb alcohol intake and other calorie-heavy beverages

Unique wellness gifts for Father’s Day

This year, consider surprising your father with a fitness gift to boost his health and longevity:

  • Activity trackers: A fitness tracker can provide insight into his personal metrics while adding a fun, competitive element to exercise
  • Blood flow restriction bands: Lauren recommends these bands to help build muscle mass and stimulate growth hormone production
  • Water bottle: Encourage healthy H2O intake by gifting him with a cool new bottle
  • Healthy appliances: An air fryer, smoothie maker, steamer, or veggie slicer make healthy food prep easier

By advocating for Dad’s health, you can give him the meaningful gift of energy and vitality that will last well beyond Father’s Day.

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