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In The MYX: Barre and Pilates with @thehappilyeva

In The MYX: Barre and Pilates with @thehappilyeva

We are thrilled to partner with mom of three, Eva Amurri for this 5-minute barre and Pilates class. As a busy mom, a workout (even if it’s only five minutes) completely changes how Eva feels mentally and physically for the rest of the day. And feeling her best, allows her to be the best parent she can. 

Even if you are not a mom, this workout will leave you feeling strong and motivated to take on your day. All you need is a mat and a mini-band. You ready? 

2nd Position Combo: Beginning in ballet 2nd position with feet wider than hip distance apart, toes slightly turned out and and soft bend in knees, bend the knees and laterally open arms with elbows bent. Add a body tilt reaching the top armd over. Come back to the center, straighten knees and take toes front while circling the arms. Repeat on the other side. Come back to the center, straighten knees and take toes front and hinge at the hips. Stayin hip hinge and swim the arms.

Pilates Combo with the mini-band: With the band around the arches of the feet and sitting tall, extend one leg up against the band resistance 4x, then repeat with the other leg alternating. 

Pilates Leg Circles: With the band still around the feet circle the legs around in a circle against the resistance of the band in one direction and the reverse. 

Scissors: With the legs extended up, press one leg away while the other pulls towards the body, then alternate. 

How are you feeling? Comment on our post and let us know!

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