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Sick of your old routine? Hit REFRESH

Sick of your old routine? Hit REFRESH

Here at MYX, we believe that variety is the spice of life.  It’s why we’re always adding new workout options for our members — the better to spice up your fitness routine. 

This month, check out the new 60-minute Scenic Rides (more time to soak up those breathtaking views); our Peak Performance cross-training program (adaptable for every age and ability); and SmartMYX (you tell us your fitness goals, we tell you which workouts will get you there).  

Our coaches, too, are looking forward to MYX-ing things up starting this month, both to keep things interesting and, because as fitness pros, they know the benefits of conditioning different muscle groups. For instance, Coach Justin may be a beast on the bike, but he’s looking forward to doing some Pilates to strengthen his core. Read on to see why.

Here’s what he and a few of our other coaches look forward to doing more of in the coming months.

Bri Butler

“I’ve been enjoying the Scenic Rides because they allow me to disconnect and mentally unwind while still moving my body. I like the combo of mental restoration with low-impact physical stimulation—so I can’t wait to do a longer ride. I usually go for super intense, high-energy workouts such as dance cardio or HIIT, so it’s been a nice way to switch up the vibe.” 

Jesse Barton

“In the New Year, I’m looking forward to including more Pilates.  It's been quite a while since I've done any sort of Pilates, and I know it's so important and beneficial for core strengthening and elongating.  I've also never really gone that deep into it, but I'm excited to try out more of Kristin Condon's classes — our resident Pilates instructor. I feel like I am so well-versed in all the other modalities except for that one, so I'd like to incorporate it more into my routine in 2021.”

 Kristin Condon

“I'm going to try out a 60-minute Scenic Ride. Endurance has always been challenging for me, and this year I really want to improve my cardiovascular fitness. Plus, I'm dying to travel again and take in new vistas (though I'm very grateful for the one I have). Travel encourages my creativity and renews my zest for life. A longer Scenic Ride is just what I need right now to both challenge and inspire me.” 

Donna Scro Samori

“I am looking forward to trying more mobility and sculpt workouts.  I normally run and do a lot of the bike, yoga, and core workouts. I’m looking forward to adding some new fitness modalities into my routine.  I believe that it’s important to move the body in all ways, in all directions. Mobility training will give me more movement options than my normal go to’s. I also want to add some weight training back into my practice.”

Justin Flexen

“The workout I am looking forward to trying the most in 2021 is Pilates. As someone who does not actively do enough core work, Pilates is a great way to strengthen the deep core muscles that not only make you stronger from the inside out but also help you become better in other formats like cycling and strength training.”   

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