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Seasonal foods = yummy meals for spring

Seasonal foods = yummy meals for spring

Move over root vegetables, heavy soups, stews, and comfort foods, spring is here! It’s time to lighten up our meals by bringing in more color and variation. Spring fruits and veggies are a tasty way to create yummy, healthy menus that are as good for you as they are good looking. 

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to fresh spring menu ideas. So we asked our coaches how they’re using spring foods to enjoy now and help get ready for more and more outdoor activities in the season ahead..

Eat a rainbow

Coach Justin enjoys seasonal foods. He’s a fan of incorporating a wide variety of produce into each meal. 

“Make your meals look like a rainbow,” he says. “Think reds, greens, yellows, etc. I also try to be very open with trying new vegetables and finding ways to cook with them.”

There are plenty of ways to experiment with different varieties of produce and pairings. While he’s open to MYX-ing it up in the kitchen, he does rely on a few favorites for easy weeknight meals. For instance, his colorful spring staples are red peppers, asparagus, bananas, and seasonal berries. Justin, who follows a plant-based diet, enjoys these in salads and smoothies as a way to bring a healthy and light element to his spring menu. 

If you need a little inspiration, here’s a quick spring dinner Justin prepares: he uses greens like spinach and arugula as the base and then adds red peppers, cucumbers, and a plant protein to make a surprisingly hearty meal. The finishing touch is a sesame ginger dressing. 

Greens for the win

Coach Jesse shares Justin’s preference for fresh greens. Her goal is to include at least four different colors on her plate to get as many nutrients as possible and maintain gut health. 

Luckily, spring presents an opportunity to shift your eating habits as you plan your meals in the coming weeks. 

“Spring is when kale and spinach start really popping up,” she says. “So it's nice to switch from what I've been eating for the past few months — sandwiches or soup — to a salad with some protein.” 

Meat eaters shouldn’t feel left out. Jesse associates spring with fish dishes. Seared scallops with butter and greens makes a balanced meal without the heaviness of red meat. 

But there are more benefits to spring foods than just lighter fare. The mind-body connection can’t be overlooked. Jesse says eating lighter can also affect your mood. “I feel leaner eating this way. My mental state feels lighter, and everything feels a little bit more manageable.”

We hear you, Jesse. Here’s to healthy bodies, happy minds, and tasty spring meals.

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