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Work out for your wellbeing (not just weight loss)

Work out for your wellbeing (not just weight loss)

If the fountain of youth really existed, there’s no doubt you’d have to ride, run, walk, or do 30 burpees in a row to reach it.

As a member of the MYX fam, you probably don’t need reminding that one of the best things you can do to stay healthy and vibrant (and lose weight, if that’s a goal) is to exercise. But we’ll say it anyway: Science shows that to whatever degree you can add movement to your life—no matter your age, size, shape, or abilities— your health will benefit significantly.

Being active (in whatever amount of time you have) also has many benefits that are not calculated in numbers, for instance lowered blood pressure—as significant as that is— or what comes up on the scale. “I am all too familiar with the numbers obsession when it comes to exercise,” says Coach Christina. “And no matter what that number read, I was never truly happy. It wasn’t until I tossed out that focus on the numbers that I genuinely started to understand, feel, and appreciate the many benefits of exercise.”

Christina and Coach Miriam have found that staying active (and trying to eat well most of the time) not only keeps them in fighting-good shape but equally important, makes them feel powerful, joyful, and more in love with their life.

Here are five ways exercise will make your life better. Let them inspire you to keep moving.

It’s a natural mood booster

“Exercise helps alleviate symptoms of stress and depression,” says Miriam. “Exercising reduces the level of cortisol, a stress hormone, in your body and releases the body’s ‘feel good’ chemicals called endorphins, which enhance your sense of wellbeing.”

Some research suggests that because a sweaty workout produces physiological responses in the body that are similar to a stressful ‘fight or flight’ response, making exercise a regular part of your life may create a stress-resistant brain! “That’s because your body becomes better at handling stressful or anxiety- inducing/provoking situations when they arise.” (Our brains are so smart!)

Exercise can redirect your energy in a good way

Ever have a tough day, you decide to take a break and do a workout, and the minute it’s over you’re like, “Whoa, I needed that!”

“We’ve all been there,” says Miriam. “Exercise is great at helping to shift your attention from a negative to a positive mindset. It provides a positive distraction that can redirect your energy and make you feel good (thanks to those previously mentioned endorphins). Working out allows you to enjoy a little ‘me time’ in a healthy, productive way.”

Many studies show that exercise can improve problem-solving and decision making, so you might even figure out a solution to whatever issues are causing trouble! 

Crushing a tough workout will lift your confidence and self-esteem

“Regardless of the number on the scale, it feels amazing to know that you are taking steps toward leading a healthier lifestyle,” Miriam says. “Make a point to acknowledge performance-based achievements like improved strength or greater endurance to see how far you’ve come.”

A wealth of research shows that the more we move the better we feel about ourselves. “Exercise leads to improved self-esteem and feelings of personal accomplishment. We look, and feel, stronger, and more self-assured.” 

“As a working mom, there are two things that help me get through my days: mental strength and physical strength,” says Christina. “And that is where movement and exercise play a key role.”

Fitness fosters social connections

“Exercise creates an opportunity to socialize in safe and healthy ways, and connect with people who have similar interests,” says Miriam. “These bonds not only help you stick to your regimen by creating accountability, they often lead to deeply supportive friendships that go well beyond the workout.” 

It might give you superpowers! (Sorry, we’re just kidding.)

“As soon as I start moving my body and breaking a sweat, I automatically feel this release and a wave of calm and empowerment,” says Christina. “It’s like I can will my kids to do anything—even clean their rooms and eat their vegetables!! [Yeah right, haha, wishful thinking!] “That mental aspect is so important for me to get through my days.”

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