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The Ticket You Need Right Now: A Creative Staycation

The Ticket You Need Right Now: A Creative Staycation

Summer is here, and you deserve to kick back and relax. With most of us saying no to a typical summer vacation, it’s time to be creative in our own homes and hometowns.  Staycations are a unique way to plan recreation in a world of restricted travel, and the options are endless. The core idea is to get out of your daily routine, treat yourself, and explore. 

Staycations, like vacations, can take many forms, from indulgent pampering to on-the-go exploration. Whatever you choose, you’ll want to relax, rejuvenate, and do fun things you haven’t done before. So set your auto-reply on your email, clear your calendar, and plan away! Here are some easy suggestions to get you started:

Staycation Self-care

One excellent option for a staycation is to focus on self-care, an idea that may feel especially necessary this year. With many commercial spas still closed, you can recreate a spa experience at home by stocking up on bubble bath, moisturizing facial masks, and other body-nurturing essentials. Then intentionally disconnect from work and home chores to relax and recharge. 

For extra lux, get a plush new robe and slippers, stock your favorite beverage, and order a couple of books you’ve been wanting to read. Remember, ambiance is everything for a spa staycation, so remember to stream some relaxing music, ditch the overhead lights for candles, and scent your space with essential oils or incense.

Staycation Fitness

Fitness retreats were gaining in popularity before COVID-19 reached the US. While you may have once considered heading to  Sedona or Costa Rica, the concept works well for a staycation since you can easily set one up at home. The idea is to plan a daily schedule using a variety of workouts or movements types. If you need some inspiration, check out the hundreds of fitness classes and workout at MYXfitness. Pick a couple that appeal to you and switch out when you need variety.  Pair them with an early bedtime and wake time regime and some healthy eats, and you’re good to go.

Staycation Gourmet

Foodies can organize a staycation around learning to make exotic meals. Use those cookbooks you’ve collected or go online for inspiration, trying a new recipe from a different country each night. Think of it as traveling the world through your meals, and don’t forget to set the scene with a pretty tablecloth, paired beverages, and music to match the origin of your cuisine.

Staycation Exploration

While traveling out of the country may be on hold for now, a staycation offers an ideal time to explore your local area. To get started, list out places you would take a visitor, and then head there yourself. Let the current travel restrictions work in your favor, visiting sites that would normally be bustling with tourists as restrictions lift. 

You can also  take a walking tour of areas you don’t normally visit, Or head to a nearby river or lake with blow-up rafts and a picnic. Bike from one side of town to the other, or plan an early morning hike to a wooded area to birdwatch. As long as you are experiencing new things, you are bound to feel the joy of discovery. 

If you look on the bright side, you may find the adventure you’ve been longing for right in your own backyard. Shake things up by designing your own staycation, and let us know where your imagination takes you!

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