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Boost your body confidence for the right reasons

Boost your body confidence for the right reasons

“The number on the scale does not define you in your journey toward a healthier lifestyle!”
MYX Coach Shaun

You are so much more than the numbers on your scale or the size on your leggings tag. You are the sum of the power and thought you exhibit every day: working, lifting, comforting, twisting, balancing, and every mental and physical action you take. If you could accept and live those two statements, we could end this here. But if you’re among the 83% of US women who lack body confidence, you’ve found a reason to dismiss those ideas, to criticize your shape, to shudder at the shedding of clothes to greet the warm weather on the horizon. 

Our MYX coaches want to remind you of where you started — that you are amazing — and give you a few ways to boost your body confidence and find a positive body image so you go from “Eek — bikini season” to “Bring it on.”

Giving it your all

One workout. That’s all it takes for you to boost your body confidence. So if a single session leaves you with renewed mental and physical confidence, imagine the compounding effect of making exercise a regular habit. 

What’s more incredible is that the power of your exercise efforts eventually won’t be reduced to the scale. MYX Coach Dyan recalls, “I've lived in a bigger body and smaller body, so I know what each feels like. Whatever my size, I'm always proud of the work I'm doing to be my best. It's about making myself proud and knowing I give my best.”

Coach Christina adds: “I speak to our members with honest body and mind positivity, reminding them of their ability. If they can believe it, they can be it, and my responsibility is to remind them to believe.”

Try something new

The more new things you try, the more confident you become. The more confident you become, the more likely you are to try new things. MYX coaches preach this, so you leave class ready to tackle anything. “It doesn’t matter what victory my members feel,” Coach Trevor says. “Whether you set a higher resistance than before or simply took no breaks, you’re leaving class with a win.”

Take charge

Make the decision to love every piece of who you are and with zero comparison to anyone. Coach Donna says, “Stop comparing yourself to others. Happiness and confidence is being more of who you already are — not trying to be more like someone else.”

When you take charge, Coach Jesse explains, you rely less on other people’s expectations of how you should look and more on your internal reflection of a positive body image. 

You have the power to set a new goal, try something new, and commit to self-reliance. Try it. You’ll gain more self and body confidence. We call that a win-win.

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