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Build a winning look like our MYX trainers

Build a winning look like our MYX trainers

Think that your new workout clothing will make you look good and perform better? Well, you might be onto something. Scientists tested that idea and found clothing can affect the quality of your workouts. Maybe this is why each MYX trainer always seems on point with style and flair.

We wanted to know how they look so fantastic while working out, so we asked Maria Cristina Espinal for the scoop. She’s the professional hair, makeup, and wardrobe artist who styles MYX trainers. She gave us four easy hacks you can use to create your own look, or snag the style of your favorite trainer. 

Keep workout hairstyles simple

“With any athletic style, less is more,” Maria Cristina says. “When it comes to workout hairstyles, simplicity is the way to go.” Starting simple gives her quick ways to transform one look into another. She uses a basic ponytail as an example. You can transform from a one-trick ponytail into a cute workout hairstyle by simply braiding it. Need another quick change? Pull the braid into a bun. Done with buns? Try the simple and elegant chignon she created for Jesse.

Jesse with Chignon

Choose multifunctional workout clothing 

Maria Cristina believes the athleisure lifestyle is here to stay. When styling MYX trainers, she thinks about their entire day. What’s on their schedule? Maria Cristina chooses wardrobe pieces based on what they’ll be doing — and their personality. One savvy style skill she uses is matching clothing color to each unique character trait. That’s why you’ll see traditional choices for Justin, and sassy colors on Jesse.

Keep makeup to a minimum

Makeup boosts confidence and can help you look polished. Maria Cristina’s rule of thumb is, “Keep it light, not full-faced. Go light on lipstick or blush.” A tinted cream can work for both lips and cheeks. If you wear foundation, make it water-based so your skin can breathe. 

Make it your own

Maria Cristina believes the key to MYX’s style is to customize each trainer’s look based on all the little traits that make them unique. She concentrates on each trainer's lifestyle and what their schedule looks like. Using these details, she selects colors, clothing, hairstyles, and makeup to bring their personalities to life. In essence, they are wearing who they are and feeling confident. And we know confidence can only enhance a workout.

So if you see a style you like, go ahead and try it or adapt it and make it yours. Have fun adding a bit of flair to your workout wardrobe, or try your favorite MYX trainer’s workout hairstyle. Let us know what happens by sharing your workout pics with us on Facebook and Instagram.

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