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C’mon get happy! Boost your mood between meetings.

C’mon get happy! Boost your mood between meetings.

Work-from-home burnout — it happens to the best of us.  MYX coaches, like you, face the same challenges. They also know how to boost mood through proven methods that are easy to put into practice and don’t take much time.  

Life can get busy,  but holistic wellness isn’t an all-or-nothing proposition. Movement, even if short and between meetings, can boost endorphins and your heart rate at the same time. Coach Donna knows the benefits of movement firsthand. A yogi, she says certain poses bring rejuvenation and joy. You might try downward dog when you have a spare minute. 

“This move gets the whole body working, including the arms and the spine,” she says. “If you do it with bent knees, you get a nice hip opener, too. It’s always home base, even if I only have 30 seconds.”

If you’re lacking both time and space, yoga is a perfect option. You only need a mat and a small area to strike a pose or two. If you have room to spread out, you can try Coach Bri’s go-to move.

“The starburst jumping jack is energizing and has the cardio benefits of a jumping jack,” she says. “It makes you feel like you're almost doing a mini-performance. It’s the perfect combo of choreography and cardio.”

Coach Christina shares Bri’s preference for cardio when the afternoon slump hits. Her exercise of choice goes back to grade school days. Jumping rope is a simple yet impactful exercise that strengthens the upper and lower body

“It gets everything moving from head to toe,” she says., “If I don't have a physical jump rope, I create an imaginary jump rope, which is both free and freeing."

While less cardio-intense, Coach Dan says the goblet squat is a great move to break up the workday because it can wake up the lower body while also providing a stretch. 

“You take the kettlebell and come into a squat position where your elbows are inside the knees, and you use your elbows to kind of pry your knees open,” he says. “So you're opening up through the hips. As we sit all day our hips and legs get tight. It's a good reminder to get oxygen into that area.”

Bottom line: every movement, even if bite-sized, adds up.

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