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5 ways to get back in the MYX

5 ways to get back in the MYX

Do you remember how you felt when your MYXfitness bike arrived? You probably couldn’t wait to experience your first ride — and then do it again. And again. But we’re human and that feeling of novelty wears off. Don’t worry. Your favorite MYXfitness coaches are here to help you get back that lovin’ feeling. 

Remember the why

MYX Coach Kristin says, when it comes to fitness,  the month of February is like the post-honeymoon stage of a relationship. The initial excitement of a new year’s commitment to exercising can wear off. When this happens, she recommends trying affirmations before and after each workout. Take time to ponder which movements bring you joy and why. This practice can help you remember why you got started in the first place, which can anchor you. 

Find joy, not perfection

Another go-to strategy? All workouts don’t have to be record setters. It’s easy to get caught up in the “all-or-nothing” mentality that’s prevalent in society and the fitness world. Instead, consider Coach Kristin’s advice. “Move for the joy of moving, whatever that means to you.” It’s okay if you need to take time to ease back into your routine, physically and mentally. A quick MYX workout may be exactly what you need to reignite your fitness passion and rediscover how to start working out again in a way that serves you and your body — or try a Recovery workout and throttle back even further.  After all, it’s not about how many minutes you log on your fitness tracker, but how you feel after. 

Avoid comparison

For the sake of mental peace, Coach Donna says beware of the comparison game. Even as a coach, she says it can be hard to not fall into the trap of getting caught up in the fitness journeys of others. “When this happens, I try to take a step back and spend more time with myself listening to what's right for me,” says Coach Donna. 

Exercise with a partner

Self-reflection has its place, but sometimes you need to look outward. Coach Donna suggests partner workouts to shake things up. Whether that partner is platonic or romantic, exercise with a partner can boost both physical performance and mental health. Plus, it’s fun, and it can add a layer of accountability. Also, you might discover how to start exercising again in a way that’s more compatible with your lifestyle. Partner workouts can help rekindle your romance with your workout.

Schedule it

If you’d rather fly solo, Coach Lauren says to lean into your “me time.” She recommends putting your workouts on your schedule so you make a promise to yourself. “Find ways to get excited about it. It’s your time, and nothing else can go into that time slot.” 

Sticking to a consistent workout schedule is a win in itself, but Lauren cautions against putting too much pressure on yourself.

“Sometimes we think we have to dream big, but I find that after January, a lot of people get burnt out,” she says. “Or they have setbacks from injury or fatigue. So having more do-able goals is a good idea. It becomes more of a positive habit that can grow over time, rather than trying to accomplish everything at once.”

Here’s to getting your groove back!

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