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Stay Safe in the Sun

Stay Safe in the Sun

Soaking up some sun is the perfect natural mood booster. And while we stay safe at home, exercising outdoors provides a much-needed change of pace. But as the old saying goes, you can have too much of a good thing.

It’s hard to remember, but the idea of getting a "healthy tan" was once widely accepted! It is, however, impossible, because skin darkens to protect itself against sunlight’s UV radiation and resulting skin damage.

Even though we all know we need to wear sunscreen, there are a few other factors to consider for safety  when heading outside for a workout.

Choose the Right Sunscreen

To avoid both UVB and UVA rays, pick a sunscreen that says “broad spectrum.” It blocks damage that leads to sunburn, wrinkles, and worse.

Pay attention to the SPF number. The Sun Protection Factor tells you the time it takes for the sun to redden your skin versus no sunscreen. For example, you would need to be in the sun 50 times longer to burn if you apply SPF 50 than if you applied no sunscreen. Select an SPF of 30 or above for ample protection. 

Also, consider zinc oxide for your face. This age-old, broad-spectrum solution physically blocks rays and doesn’t break down with sun exposure.

Apply Sunscreen Correctly

Using sunscreen the right way is equally crucial. Make sure to put it on 30 minutes before going outside so your skin absorbs it properly. Adults should apply a full ounce, about the size of a shot glass or golf ball. Rub it everywhere your skin is exposed. That means your ears, back of the neck, and behind your knees. And since you'll be sweating off a good deal of it over time, take a travel-sized bottle with you to reapply every hour.

Wear the Right Clothing

One surefire way to cut down on the threat of sunburn is to wear clothes that cover more. When possible, consider wearing sweat-wicking running pants instead of shorts and opt for shirts and hats with a light, breathable fabric. Also wear close-fitting, wrap-around UV-blocking sunglasses to keep radiation from damaging your eyes. 

Pick the Ideal Time of Day

If it’s convenient, aim to get your outdoor workout done early in the day or evening. Not only will it be cooler, but the sun won’t be as strong. Either time is also perfect for crushing your outdoor cardio routine with MYX. Our range of programs will help safely increase your strength and mobility throughout the summer. Join us outside twice a week to get started today!

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