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‘Tis The Season to Get Moving

‘Tis The Season to Get Moving

Busy holiday schedules can put a cramp in our motivation when it comes to movement. But holiday fitness doesn't have to be an afterthought. Take a cue from our MYXfitness coaches who are experts at creative movement and staying motivated. 

Make the Ordinary Extraordinary

Coach Kristin: If you are in the habit of getting regular exercise, encourage family members to join you and take things at their pace. 

Coach Shaun: I get new home decor or paint and spend the holidays redecorating or refreshing a space. It’s something you can do as a family and can end up being pretty active, depending on the project.

Coach Dan: Gamify your workouts to make them fun. The funniest holiday joke gets to award five pushups to anyone in the family. Whoever cleans the kitchen first is safe while everyone else does burpees.

Schedule It

Coach Lauren: Put it on the calendar. Have a set time every day when you know everyone can get up and move. Just 10 minutes can have a significant impact.

Coach Donna: My best tip is to find time to workout. The holiday season can be so busy, so I make sure I schedule my workouts every day.

Coach Justin: I try to get everyone moving before our day starts, so we can feel good going about our day. Family walks are always a fun way to get outside and spend quality time together.

Think Outside the Box

Coach Sara: Theme your exercises. For instance, consider how you can make an exercise a holiday tradition.

Coach Christina: One of our traditions is to do community work every Christmas season, which keeps our family active both physically and mentally. My husband plays Santa and myself and my kids play his elves. We create as many smiles as we possibly can.

Coach Jesse: Even though it's cold, I try to embrace it and get my family outside for sledding and playing in the snow. I also usually do a 5K Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving and another one around Christmas.

Coach Bri: Picking pumpkins at the pumpkin patch, perusing Christmas markets, and going for walks through Christmas tree lots keep feet moving.

Coach Dyan: We start the day with movement before we lose motivation. If it's nice, we take a family walk or jog with our dog, Persey. If the weather is cold and gloomy, we play a card game with workout moves.

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