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Why kettlebell training is for you (yes, YOU)

Why kettlebell training is for you (yes, YOU)

By: Miriam Alicea 

If you’re looking for a way to freshen up your workouts, kettlebell exercises may be what you need to feel challenged and inspired.

I’ve found that sometimes those feelings come from trying new things. In this case, going out of your comfort zone doesn’t have to be complicated. Kettlebells are a super fun and effective tool. A huge benefit if you’re working out at home is that they don't require too much space. You can even take them with you when you’re traveling. With just one kettlebell, you can do so many workouts. This versatility makes carrying around a few extra pounds in your suitcase worth it.

Beyond the practical considerations, kettlebell training gets results because you get more bang for your fitness buck. Exercise science is your friend here, because kettlebell exercises target a bunch of muscle groups and train your body to move more efficiently in everyday activities. 

Plus, there’s a lot to say about the importance of variety in the fitness department. A workout with kettlebells requires a combination of several movement patterns. So there’s pushing, pulling, hinging, squatting, lunging, rotational motions, and others. Many of these movements can help make you stronger and more flexible, while also improving balance and coordination. 

Consider the Turkish getup, which works your whole body and builds a stronger core and increased stability. You won’t necessarily get these same perks with other types of training. For instance, dumbbells add an element of resistance to moves, but kettlebells bring other elements into the mix, too. When you use kettlebells with basic movements like chest presses, bicep curls, and dumbbell lunges, it requires your body to work harder. That’s because the kettlebell provides variability and offsets the load so no two reps are ever truly the same. 

In other words, kettlebell sessions keep your body guessing, which is why many weightlifters swear by them. And they have the advantage of getting your heart rate up, like traditional cardio. Plus, kettlebell exercises complement your efforts on and off the bike. If this is unfamiliar territory, don’t worry. Practice the moves with dumbbells or even without any equipment at all, to get your form down. Either way, you’ll get a good workout and train your body to move in new and different ways.

Bottom line? Adding kettlebell exercises to your workout MYX can be just the incentive you need to lean into growth this spring.

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