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Ask MYX anything, seriously!

Ask MYX anything, seriously!

Our members have questions. Our MYX coaches have answers. Check out our most-asked questions from the start of 2021.

What inspires your program?

"When I’m programming a new workout," says Coach Davanna, "I focus on three things: ideal heart rate zones, creativity, and of course, safety. I want my classes to always keep you guessing what’s coming next," she says, "but I also want to put your mind at ease, knowing that you’re following the safest methods possible."

What’s your favorite type of music to listen to when you’re working out?

"My favorite genre is EDM. I love how the high-energy beats drive me through HIIT workouts. If I'm focusing on strength-based workouts, I gravitate more towards hip hop or pop instead," says Coach Justin. 

When can I get back on the bike postpartum?

Good news! Once your doctor says it’s safe to exercise again, typically between four to six weeks postpartum, you can get back on the bike. "Just remember to take it slow and listen to your body," says our Pre/Postnatal Exercise Expert, Coach Sara. "If you feel any discomfort while sitting on the bike, then you’re probably not ready yet," she says. Coach Sara has developed many prenatal and postnatal workouts for you to choose from in the app. When the timing is right for you, she recommends starting with her 15-minute postpartum ride.


Do you have any nutrition tips for someone who wants to lose weight and gain muscle?

"First, make sure you’re eating enough," says Coach Lauren. She suggests adjusting your diet to include more nutrient-dense proteins, like skinless chicken breasts, eggs, and lentils, plus nutrient-dense fats, like salmon and avocado.

Is it good to feel sore after every workout?

Let’s start with why we feel sore. When you work out, the stress on your muscles causes a microscopic breakdown of fibers, which may result in discomfort. When those fibers rebuild, the muscles become stronger. "So, you may feel sore after every workout when you’re starting to exercise more or changing up your routine," says Coach Shaun. "Mild soreness is not a bad thing but rather a sign the muscle has been taxed," he says, "just make sure this soreness lessens over time."

What do you suggest for rest days?

"On rest days, try active recovery," says Coach Jesse. Active recovery includes any kind of light exercise that brings fresh blood flow and oxygen to sore, tired muscles and helps them repair. Did you know MYX has active recovery rides you can do on the bike? "Foam rolling, yoga, mobility training, and long walks are also great examples," says Coach Jesse.

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